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    Bellver Drums (V02) is from a skiing trip in Catalunya, Spain. An I-frame is missing here and there so the colour sometimes goes away.

    Finland Beer Shoot (V07) is a short satirical film on how to open a can of beer in Finland. Not the usual way, of course.

    Birdie Breakfast (V11) is a bunch of old world sparrows having breakfast on my balcony. The film includes the entire Svartholmen Bird Quartet II.

    Magic Car Gate (V12) is a "magic trick" I performed after having watched too much Carl-Einar Häckner on Youtube.

    Hot Dog Walk (V14) is a first-person film of when I take a hot dog on a walk from Hackescher Markt to a nearby tram stop.

    All films are © Segerberg, Tomas Olof (*1970)

    Berlin - good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Berlin...