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    Piano Sonatinas
    © 2015-2016 Segerberg

    No 1 in F major (2015) - MP3 - Score
    No 2 in C minor (2016) - MP3 - Score

    Svartholmen Bird Quartet
    © 2019-2020 Segerberg

    Part I - Maamme - MP3 - Score
    Part II - Dugamla - MP3 - Score

    Most of "Maamme" is used in the "Finland Beer Shoot" video. A part of "Maamme" is used in the Doll Project II's video to illustrate the Helmut Newton effect in fashion. The entire "Dugamla" is used in the "Birdie Breakfast" with happy German birds having food early in the morning.

    Electronic Experiments
    © 2019-2020 Segerberg

    Finally, some random Electronic Experiments can be found at my Soundcloud account called "Himbeermousse".

    All music is © Segerberg, Tomas Olof (*1970)

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